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TAP into the MAP with Teamwork for our environment

About Soundwater

Soundwater was founded by Joseph Renwick Randon as a platform to Think and Act Positive towards our planet.  As custodians of the Earth we have a responsibility to care for it and care for everything that inhabits it.

To help us care for the environment Soundwater was formed to provide a central platform to connect charities, businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals to communicate and help each other THINK and ACT POSITIVE towards our environmental responsibilities.

SoundWater.com lifestyle Network  In association with Save The Earth Foundation

About Joseph Renwick Randon

Joseph Renwick Randon believes that as custodians of the Earth we have an obligation to care for it and everyone who inhabits it.  For many years now Joseph has travelled the world looking for ways to raise environmental awareness, promote eco friendly products and to educate our global family to  Think and Act Positively in everything we do.


Donations to Soundwater make all the difference to the health and well-being of our planet and our global family.  Find out more...


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